Dear Mr. President:

I’m sorry so long to submit this proposal, in this period, we have been discussion about how to improve the performance of our account.

Please forgive our English is not good enough.

First, we introduce ourselves, we are Shenzhen Haibucuo Technology Co., Ltd, an e-commerce company, founded in 2012, mainly engaged in several major foreign trade platforms. AliExpress, ebay, Amazon, and our own B2C website.

Since early this year, our sales strategy have Change to DIY toys, we want give service to Makers around the world. So we have removed a lot of the previous product. We want sell some special product .We also have registered their trademarks SINONING for toys, currently being reviewed trademark. But unfortunately, the not stable product make more problem. But we will never give up, we will do our best on what we want do.

We have get the reason of our poor performance showing below:

  1. We have choose a diverse catalogue, it difficult fully handle at short time.
  2. Our efforts is not enough
  3. send product not in time.
  4. before ship the good, we not fully carefully check and test.
  5. Customer response is not timely, not in time solve the problem which customers meet.
  6. Product description is not clear enough
  7. There have some personal reasons in early June, some customer the product robot tank chassis parts missing, not timely reply and resend the missing parts.


We will take the following measures showing below:

  1. work harder on the Amazon Store
  2. Learn Amazon regulation.
  3. Carefully chooses product to sell on Amazon.
  4. Timely ship out the product.
  5. timely reply and solve customer questions
  6. Product must Check and test carefully before shipment
  7. clear and accrual describe product.


Finally, I urge restoration of our rights to sell, we will not let you down.

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